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The Superior Awning collection contains an array of fabric styles and colours all designed to resist fading and temperature extremes. Each awning is manufactured using material treated with Perlguard XT27 a special water repelling and stain proofing material.


UV protection

Sun awnings offer protection against harmful UV rays but did you know that the colour of the fabric you choose determines the level of UV protection you receive? Light coloured fabrics let more UV light through than darker colours, however these are still as effective as factor 50 sun cream (filtering more than 90% of ultra violet radiation).


Colours have a big influence on our wellbeing and can help create a cold, warm or temperate atmosphere. Scientific studies have shown that a awnings fabric ‘colours’ sunlight and has a direct influence as to how we perceive our surroundings. A bluey shade will ‘cool’ the tone of the light and enhance the feeling of freshness. A yellow colour will ‘warm’ the tone of the sunlight and give an impression of heat.


Amongst all modern synthetic fibres, acrylic is the best for outdoor use. It has excellent thermal insulation properties (a quality that is sought for in clothing). As far as awnings are concerned, we recommend solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Colours are impregnated in the heart of the fibre at the production stage, which is not the case for other dip-dyed fibres. Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics ensure long-lasting bright colours.

Plain Fabrics



Please note – this selection is for illustration purposes only. Our fabric collections are constantly updated so please consult your advisor for advice on available fabric options for your order.