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Heating, Lighting and Sensors

Superior Electronic Operation - allows you to control your sun awning system with ease. With a range of practical weather sensors, your awning can be automated to protect itself.

Our extensive range of Remote Control or Wall Switch options enable you to operate your awnings, patio lighting and heating - without even leaving your chair!

Heaters  Heaters

Open and retract your awnings automatically from the comfort of your favourite seat. Your Superior Awning does it for you.

Need to turn the heat down a little? With the Superior Remote Handset, your patio heater can be switched on and off or evenly finely adjusted (Type: TPR only)

Remote Control  Lighting

With the Superior Remote Control system you can regulate your awning lights, or even the ‘Light Bar’, to create the right atmospheric lighting for your patio. The lighting can be dimmed to any level.

With the Superior handheld remote control you can switch the automatic sun monitor on and off remotely.


A conservatory should always have the right climate. Using your remote control you can control the Superior Conservatory Roof Vents & Sliding Roof Windows.

The remote controlled sensors in all Superior Control Systems offer you and your awning the right protection. Automatically open your awning when the sun shines and retract it in good time for when it rains or turns windy.


Fully Cassetted System: both arms and material are enclosed in an aluminium cassette box for maximum weather protection. Suitable for larger commercial and residential applications.